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Computer Service & Repair

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INFO: Estimate Needed

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Servicing all makes and models of PC, Gaming Systems, Tablets, and iPhones

We offer repairs and diagnostics to all types of devices. If we can’t fix it we may offer to buy it from you for an assessed value.

Types of Computer Services:

  • Laptop (PC, MAC, Linux)
  • Desktop (PC, MAC, Linux)
  • Servers (Windows, Linux)

Types of Phone Services:

  • iPhone (specific generations)
  • Android (specific models)

Types of Tablet Services:

  • iPad
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo

Types of Gaming System:

  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • PS4/ PS5

If you are interested in getting something fixed for a reasonable rate we provide estimates and time frames. Just contact us when you are ready.